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Shock absorber-for motocycles

The shock absorbers are fitted on the front and rear wheel of the motorcycle to cushion the effects of shocks and jerks which the vehicle normally gets when you are riding it. These are installed to make your ride comfortable and prevent the chassis of motorcycle from breaking up due to shocks.

A conventional shock absorber for rear wheel of motorcycle is a coiled spring and a liner expansion type damper centrally combined with the spring and a swing arm and a frame assembly.

There is another type of shock absorber in which a rotary type hydraulic damper is connected to a frame assembly and to a swing arm by a link mechanism and the swing arm is pivotally supported on the frame assembly through a torsion bar.

As a method to improve riding comfort and quality of its shock absorbers these shock absorbers are known to increase their cushion effects. When in normal position the spring is fully extended but it compresses when it takes load or is cushioning the effects of shock. These are very essential parts for comfortable ride of motorcycle.


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