Aluminium Rain Water Guttering, Locomotive Brake Components
Aluminium Rain Water GutteringLocomotive Brake Components
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  Foundry Equipment  
3 no’s, Skelner Furnaces having capacity of melting 2000 Kgs of aluminium alloy per hour.
6 nos. Electric Holding Furnaces with capacity of 500 Kgs aluminium with complete automated temperature control.
2 nos. Electric Melting cum Holding furnaces with capacity of 250 Kgs each with complete automated temperature control.   
Hydraulically operated  gravity die  casting machines with PLC control (16 nos.)

Components can be machined as per customer's requirement both on CNC'S as well as on conventional machines as per customer requirements.

  Heat Treatment  
In house heat treatment facilities both for solution treatment and precipatation treatment are available. Castings having diameter up-to 1100mm can be accomodated in the solution treatment furnace which is fully automatic and temperature is measured at 3 different locations to have uniform temperature in the furnace.The size of precipitation furnace is 2m/2m/2m and is also fully automatic.
  Tool Designing and Manufacturing  

Moulding dies are designed using CAD/CAM software

In addition we have regular tie-up with vendors to produce precision dies by using solid model of castings provided by us.


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